Noah’s Ark


via:christanpost Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas, is inviting the public to attend the unveiling of its new 28,400 square foot building inspired by Noah’s Ark on Saturday. Meant for children, the new facility with true-to-size animatronics animals is to underscore the Bible’s authenticity. “With its unique, stimulating and larger-than-life elements, the Ark experience will […]


  via:christianpost   A Danish journalist and author is releasing a new book on the biblical ark of Noah, claiming that a 2010 discovery made by a Chinese-Kurdish research team is most probably the famous vessel that has captivated research efforts for generations.  Noah’s ark, described in the book of Genesis in a narrative of […]

  via:christianpost   A church-state watchdog group has spoken out against a road improvement program being reviewed by the Kentucky State Legislature due to it being connected to the construction of a Bible-themed amusement park.  Americans United for Separation of Church and State has denounced the project, which would provide $11.1 million for various improvements […]