via:eurweb The executors of Michael Jackson’s estate say they are “disgusted” by MSNBC’s decision to air Dr. Conrad Murray’s documentary just four days after the physician was convicted of involuntary manslaughter and are calling on the network to cancel plans to air the program. Murray went straight to jail following his conviction Monday. A Los […]


By David Zinczenko via:yahoohealth “I don’t know what to order,” my friend told me over lunch recently. We were sitting in a great new Italian restaurant near my office. “I know,” I replied, scanning the menu. “Everything looks terrific!” “Yeah, but everything is bad for you!” she exclaimed, practically in tears. “I’m passing on the […]

I wanted to write a quick article about 3 foods that cause eczema.  Sure they are many foods to choose from, but these are the main 3 culprits.  In the video I discuss why oranges, eggs and milk are 3 food items that people who suffer with eczema should eliminate from their diet. Click here […]


Stressful day? Don't reach for a candy bar. Try one of these soothing liquids instead.

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If you're like most of the world, then you always buy the name brand of praticaly everything. These are the products that you have known for generations in some cases. But some of the everyday products that we use can be geat no mater who made it. Even that jug of milk! Read this article and find out how you can save just by going non-generic.