What is this world coming to? They are trying to say that Bert and Ernie are more than just friends!?! Help JESUS! LOL

By R. Albert Mohler, Jr.|Christian Post Guest Columnist. Opinion |Tue, Mar. 29 2011 11:03 AM EDT Must a Pastor Be Married? The New York Times Asks the Question By R. Albert Mohler, Jr.|Christian Post Guest Columnist Is marriage a

For Valentine's day You GOTTA watch this married couples ministry dance! I bet you'll want to dance too! :o)

Check out this inspiring poem about being a single mother and a plea for the brothers to reclaim their position as head of household.

Helen Baylor (born January 8, 1953) is an American gospel singer. Baylor was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma and raised in Los Angeles, where she first performed as a secular nightclub act. She opened for Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, and B.B. King while still in her teens, and performed in the musical Hair. In the 1970s […]

Throughout the stages of marriage, nothing is more stressful than the preschool years. Couples can become stressed, irritable and even depressed if left unchecked. However, there is hope!

From a man's perspective, if you are the female spouse of an unemployed man here are a few things that can help you motivate him: