Lipstick is the one staple that every woman has in her makeup bag. With the fall season upon us, you may think it’s time to put away the lighter palettes you rocked this summer and bring out the bold shades for fall, but this is where you’re wrong. This Fall season seems to be all […]

The smokey cat-eye. Whenever we attempt this we end up with smudgy raccoon eyes. So here's the trick is to getting precise lines and a clean shape.

Wondering what trends Fall 2011 will bring? From bombshell hair to metallic lids, this season beautifully blends classic and modern. Here's how to combine them.

Fall 2011 makeup doesn't necessarily have to match the season's warm, earthy colors. In fact, this fall's trends are intense and can be pulled off by anyone.

Project Runway's season 5 contestant Korto Momolu debuted her Spring collection at New York Fashion Week and we've got details on how to copy her model's makeup.

Fake eyelashes are the bane of our make-up mastery. Most times, we can do everything but apply these things. So here's how to do it right.

We don't know if it's our Prince obsession or the fact that purple looks so stunning on brown skin, but lately, we've been spotting a slew of celebs rocking purple eyeshadow. And we're not just talking straightforward Barney purple, either -- the shadows run the gorgeous gamut from pale lavender to neon plum. From Eve to Estelle, here are our favorite violet-eyed superstars.

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