By J. Lee Grady/Charisma News via:blackchristiannews   It happened again. For the third time in six months, the pastor of a large church in my hometown of Orlando, Fla., has resigned from his pulpit because of adultery. I’m sad. I’m sick. I’m sorry for the pastors, and sorrier for the congregations that are having to […]

    By J. Lee Grady   via:blackchristiannews   A friend of mine from England recently asked me for counsel regarding a serious dilemma. His pastor had been involved in extramarital affairs, yet the man never stepped down after the scandal. My friend grew increasingly uncomfortable. Then he became alarmed when the embattled pastor announced […]

Benny Hinn, a televangelist who brings in millions of dollars annually, has some explaining to do to his followers since his wife of 30 years, Suzanne Harthern, has filed for divorce.