President Obama has announced plans to visit a mosque for the first time in his presidency.

It was the president's toughest talk yet about the threat of terrorism in America.

In an address delivered from the White House Oval Office, President Obama on Sunday condemned radical terrorists and ISIS, calling the group "thugs and killers" with a "perverted interpretation of Islam."

Political leaders, athletes, and musicians headed to the city of Baltimore this past week, making headlines for their kind words, ideas, and inspiration after peaceful…

  via:christianpost   A day after arriving in Beirut, Pope Benedict XVI on Saturday urged Lebanon to be a model of coexistence of Islam and Christianity for the restive Middle East. His three-day visit comes amid concerns over the future of minority Christians in the region where Islamism is on the rise.  “It is not […]

Jermaine Jackson firmly believes his brother Michael would still be alive today had he just converted to Islam.