According to Rep. Waters, the 2008 financial crisis "exposed weaknesses in our regulatory framework" and "brought to the forefront the widespread disparities that exist in a variety of aspects of life for African American families."

via: cnn.com (CNN) – For the first time in the decade, the population of children younger than 1 is primarily non-white or Hispanic: 50.4% of the total population in that age category. Minorities make up an increasing percentage of the United States population, especially among younger age groups, according to Census Bureau estimates of changes […]


        With double-digit ratings growth this season, Spanish-language broadcaster Univision is off to a better start than any of the major English-language networks, and the future is promising as well.       By Steve McCellean via:yahoonews     The new census is expected to show a nearly 45% increase in the […]


Historically underrepresented groups such as African-Americans, Hispanics and Native Americans are eligible for millions of dollars in grants. Of particular note are those fields that have been traditionally lacking diversity, such as the sciences and business.  There  are many organizations willing to help out in these trying times. The Multicultural Advertising Intern Program through the […]