Bishop T.D. Jakes is nothing short of a blessing to everyone he comes in contact with. At Women’s Empowerment 2013 he delivered an uplifting word that stirred the spirit in the room. Women left understanding the importance of their gifts and received  encouragement to use them. Via

19- year old college student Junior Garcia is on a glorious journey. With his trust in the Lord by his side, Garcia is carrying the cross  from Texas to Washington, D.C to remind people who God is. See More on Garcia’s journey here! More Related Links: Claim Your Self Worth Back! Remember: God Loves You Christian […]

Sheila is one of 12 children that Ray Charles fathered.  She was raised in Cambridge, Ohio, by her mother and didn’t meet her father until she was 14 years old.  Sheila suffered sexual abuse during her childhood and as a result spent many years struggling to find her identity.  At 13, Sheila moved to Los […]