There’s no reason why all of our favorite foods — from steak to burgers, from pasta to ice cream — can’t be part of a reasonable weight-loss program. We just need to get rid of old thinking. We can reverse the obesogen effect if we simply adopt these four simple laws of leanness:

Blogger Sarah McColl lets you in on some quick summer recipies for that rotisserie chicken your thinking of picking up tonight. Your welcome for the dinner idea!


If you like BBQ and like simple recipes, here's a short rib recipe from Celebrity Chef Sunny Anderson!

“Almonds are the perfect on-the-go food to help you power through a grueling workout, or work day for that matter.”

The way you eat and behave at the table is still important, says Nicholas Clayton of The Guild of Professional English Butlers. His guidelines:

If you are what you eat, then I should weigh-in at under $1 a pound.

Generic brands suffer from a stigma.

Here’s a few tips to stay on course this Memorial Day weekend.

The affects that food has on our physical health are widely known, what is less known is the affect food can have on our mood, memory, and mind. Food filled with sugar and carbohydrates can result in not only weight gain, but also memory loss and depression. Nevertheless, food with the right amount of protein […]


  Five Quick Steps To Mastering Food Labels By Latwanas Stephens October 13, 2009 9:00 am   Via: So far, we’ve discussed marketing slogans and how they can affect your eating habits, and the basics of what we should eat. If we’ve made one conclusion, it’s that we need to understand food labels to […]