This bit of prose is dedicated to my Husband, his Father, and of course, my own Dad.  Happy Father’s Day! Its interesting how it begins…


Elev8.com ‘s Father’s Day Special Essays It is almost the third week of June. Honestly, its one of the best times of the year for…

via:christianpost   Many churches invest a great deal of time and money into special holiday events that are designed to draw people into their services, but statistics show that Father’s Day is one holiday in which church attendance is typically less than impressive. So is it a waste of time, money and energy for churches […]


Elev8.com ‘s Father’s Day Special Essays From birth to death and every step in between, the greatest occurrences in any life are often preceded by…

Elev8 Jesse Jackson wants to inspire men to claim back their sons, nephews, uncles, cousins from the violence. Understanding as he does the depth of…

  via:christianpost   Behind Easter and Christmas, Mother’s Day draws the highest attendance in U.S. churches, a recent study shows.  LifeWay Research, a Christian research center, asked 1,000 Protestant pastors what the three highest attendance Sundays were throughout the year. Easter was first, indicated by 93 percent of the pastors asked, followed by Christmas with […]

With Father’s Day approaching this Sunday, here are some quotes on Fatherhood from black celebrity Dads for inspiration and confirmation on the universal spirit of being a father.  Check it out and share your thoughts and comments on Fatherhood, from your point of view, in the comment box below. Rev Run “For boys you want […]


History of Father's Day Festival as seen today is not even a hundred years old.

Given the amount of TV that the average American child watches (28 to 32 hours per week), the fathers on TV can be almost more influential than the real life ones.

How do you honor dear old dad on his day? Here are some tips and reminders.