Serena Willaims has opened in another secondary school in Africa with the foundation Build African Schools.

Check out this video where Andrew Shue and Laura Fortner asked moms how happy they were on their website dedicated to mothers!

Need some help affording college? A special skill or interest -- or even a particular last name -- can put a big dent in a student's tuition

Tiip: Stop and ask about the pictures and about what is happening in the story.

Figuring out how to motivate young children to read is important.

The release of last month's employment data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed that black teen unemployment was at 38 per cent of the participating labor force of this demographic. This is particularly concerning as we enter the summer months where teens are easily distracted by external influences and a lack of school responsibilities. So what can you do to keep your teen out of trouble? This is what we think:


Hundreds of thousands of our nation’s children are being funneled down life paths that lead to arrest, conviction, incarceration and even death. The urgent challenge for each of us and for our nation is to prevent this waste of our children’s lives and of our nation’s capabilities and future. The Children’s Defense Fund’s Cradle to […]


Studies have shown that the single best predictor of how a child will adjust to life as an adult is how well they get along with others. It’s not the I.Q. score, or grades in school, or how a child behaves in school. Social skills are the single best predictor of adult success. Learning social […]


When that last school bell rings, kids celebrate the end of classes and the beginning of a long, lazy summer. But for many kids, the end of the school year also marks the beginning of summer brain drain – and it could do them more harm than you think. According to the National Summer Learning […]

From The New York Times After the child support and the squandered millions, Kenny Anderson was the one who registered for college, who mastered the digital classroom, who studied in his spare time. “My son sees me with books in my knapsack and he says, ‘You’re 39 years old, you’re still going to school?’ ” […]