via:eurweb   Taking a page from Floyd Mayweather Jr., Dr. Conrad Murray is begging a judge to release him from L.A. County Jail because it’s taking an extreme physical toll on his body, adding if he doesn’t get help soon, he believes he’ll die behind bars. Unlike Mayweather, Murray is not asking for house […]

Here are the Top 10 Most Memorable Cases over the past year- from Casey Anthony to the "Hot Sauce" mom. Which verdicts do you agree or disagree with?

The sentencing of Dr. Conrad Murray to four years in prison by no means ends the injustice suffered by Michael Jackson nor does it in any way mitigate the fact that his children have lost a father and the Jacksons have lost a son for the rest of their life. While I approve that the […]


via:eurweb The executors of Michael Jackson’s estate say they are “disgusted” by MSNBC’s decision to air Dr. Conrad Murray’s documentary just four days after the physician was convicted of involuntary manslaughter and are calling on the network to cancel plans to air the program. Murray went straight to jail following his conviction Monday. A Los […]

via: HOUSTON – In the northwest Houston neighborhood where Dr. Conrad Murray opened a clinic several years ago, the reaction to the guilty verdict was much different than the celebratory one outside the California courthouse. In Acres Homes, Dr. Murray is loved by his patients. The low-income neighborhood is home to many senior citizens […]

via: Michael Jackson’s doctor will not testify at his trial for involuntary manslaughter, he said in court Tuesday. Read More “My decision is that I will not testify in this matter,” Dr. Conrad Murray said.

Consuelo Ng testified that after Dr. Murray helped to save her grandmother's life, she volunteered at his Las Vegas office to learn to be a medical assistant.

From CNN: Los Angeles, California — The appointment of a new judge to preside over the criminal trial of Dr. Conrad Murray delayed for two months a decision on if Michael Jackson’s last doctor can keep his California medical license. Jackson’s parents and three siblings came to court Monday to hear the state medical board […]