Via: Young people are susceptible to social pressure due to insecurities, desire to fit in, looking for status, need for excitement, fear of losing friends, wanting to be noticed or envied, looking to assert autonomy, find an identity,

When you move or travel to somewhere new, one of the biggest challenges you encounter is balancing what you know from word-of-mouth about the place and what is actually accurate about the people who live there. You create your own experiences through a lens of what you think will happen versus the true reality of the situation.

As I was walking to work this morning, it occurred to me that I never really “see” where I am most of the time. Usually, I’m carrying so many bags and focusing on the task at hand that I forget to look up at the sky and appreciate my surroundings. These moments can even occur […]

Have you ever had a moment where you feel like you made up a situation entirely in your mind? Perhaps in an interaction with someone, you took a comment or glance the wrong way and let preconceived notions get in the way of what was really happening. This often is what happens to me in […]

Ask a typical group of couples what they feel would help their marriages and the usual response is communication. Pry further as to what communication means to them and answers vary: “Having any communication would be a nice change.” “Really listening to each other.” (Usually this translates, “That jerk doesn’t hear a word I say.” […]

This morning on my way to work, something interesting happened that made me think more critically about how time and change are interconnected. I was walking on the train platform at a quarter past eight as usual when I turned around and saw someone I had not seen in at least three years. We both […]

Yesterday, as I was walking back from the train station after a long day at work, I ran into someone I knew on the way home. After we exchanged greetings and we proceeded to chat, it quickly became hard to hold a conversation as we both seemed lost in our own worlds. We had both […]

One of the goals of parenting is to teach your child appropriate conflict resolution skills. These skills will be very helpful to them as they negotiate life in the context of a social world.

Have you ever been in an area of your city and was unable to communicate with its residents due to a language barrier? You remember the frustration you felt?

Via: Here is a list of things to watch out for as your child grows and develops. Infants (0 – 1 years old) Crawl Can follow moving objects with their eyes Have vocabulary of one to three words in addition to “mama” and “dada” Grab objects such as bottles and toys Toddlers (2 – […]