Israel Houghton came into the studio to hang with Erica Campbell and GRIFF! He talked about collaborating with Tye Tribbett on his latest project, and how much fun they had working together. Israel talks about his start and how he continues to garner the strength each day to face his most difficult challenges. Plus, Israel […]

In this Faith Talk, Erica Campbell reminds us that sometimes God challenges you to do something that nobody before you has done. But being the first is not an easy path to walk! You don’t have the advice or the example of somebody who’s been there before you to give you the confidence you need to […]

Forget the ice  bucket challenge, one of Bishop Secular‘s members participated in the CHICKEN BUCKET challenge. Listen to the audio player to hear how this challenge…

You know church is good when... The Pastor challenges one of the DEACONS!!!!! LOL

Via: How can one ordinary person — you or me — make a positive difference in this world?  I challenge you today to do something .  While the steps might be simple, the outcome could change the world. We are the image of goodness and justice in our small worlds. This is where we […]