In GRIFF's Prayer, he explains that he heard a hilarious conversation in the grocery store.

GRIFF’s prayer today is about people with unholy smelling breath. He says those are the people who are always so eager to deliver a lengthy, breathy prayer with the foulest smelling breath! He hilariously prays for an angel, and a “mouthwash spirit” to come in and fix it. Click on the audio player to hear […]

Bishop Secular tries his hardest not to talk about people behind their back. But when your breath is as bad as Brother Lester’s, you can’t help… has ten steps that can help you get the peace you need in your life!

Do the following to keep your karma good,  when someone comes at you in an aggressive manner that appears inappropriate, harsh, and or simply bizarre: 1. TAKE A BREATH BEFORE YOU REACT 10 Tips To Stay Grounded In The Present And Stop Future Worries. 2. Detach and observe that their behavior is about them and […]

Relaxing can sometimes be a tedious and difficult task, here is a much more simple and straight forward way to get the job done. Take in a deep breath. As you breath in your diaphragm expands and massages all the internal organs in the abdominal area aiding your digestion. Now breath in through your nose […]