A black woman creates an app aimed to curb employment discrimination.

viabcnn1.com It seems as though almost everyday there is a new complaint about how the TSA has searched someone. An old lady might be personally invaded by their private area probings, or in another recent example, a little boy might be touched one two many times. Now African-Americans have something to complain about, as the […]

HUD charges Florida landlords with discriminating against African-American family WASHINGTON / The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) today announced that it is charging the owners of a single-family home in Gibsonton, Fla. with violating the Fair Housing Act for engaging in discriminatory housing practices, including reneging on their agreement to rent the […]

VIA BlackAmericaWeb: When Stephanie D. Wilson says she needs her space, she really means it. The 43-year-old Massachusetts native is a real-life astronaut and only the second African-American woman to be in space. Currently a part of the crew of the space shuttle Discovery, Wilson and the six other astronauts docked safely at the International […]