Black Marriages

According to the report, Texas’ marriage rate of 21.5 men per 1,000 in 2009 exceeded the national rate of 19.1. Among Texas women, the rate was 20.4, compared with 17.6 nationally.

Via: This weekend National Black Marriage Day will be celebrated around the country in over 300 different cities. The Divore rate in our community is out of control and we have to stop it. Here’s my guest bloggers for today Eric & Elaine Johnson, Your Make Love Work Coaches, on “How important is it to […]

The Windsor Village Married Couples Ministery and The Greater Houston Healthy Marriage Coalition Held a free African-Americans Couples Communication Workshop over the weekend to Celebrate the month of Black Marriage Day. “Within our Reach” The Facilitators from W.V.U.M.C.are Lillian and Marion Johnson (Center) married for 24 years and participants Steven and LaTarsha Owens Married for 1 […]