As expected, Trump's camp fired back dismissing the government agency's report findings.

In the early morning hours Wednesday, Trump was announced as the winner of the divisive, unprecedented election.

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Banner explained why he doesn't trust Republicans or Democrats saying, "You have the Left Wing and the Right Wing, but they're part of the same bird and the same system."

The activist and scholar told Democracy Now! that America needs politicians who "can speak to all of the issues around racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia."

Early primary voters head to the polls Tuesday in Arizona, Utah and Idaho.

As Hillary Clinton inches closer to gaining the Democratic Party's nomination for president of the United States, the nation's current leader made a weighty appeal on the former first lady's behalf. At a dinner last Friday, President Barack Obama appealed to donors at the private to rally around Clinton, The New York Times reports.

Charles Evers believes that a man who was reluctant to denounce the KKK is best for the state of Mississippi and the country at large.

Hollywood legend Morgan Freeman has given Hillary Clinton's latest presidential advertisement a touch of sincerity and cinematic glory.

Yet, the media barely covered the rallies for the Democratic Presidential candidate.

"I couldn’t do this if the family wasn’t ready," Biden said as he spoke on the White House lawn.