A member of the legendary Winans gospel family is being named as the ringleader of a Detroit area Ponzi scheme that could have made him as much at $11 million in early estimates.

This has been happening for a long time. But now the trend is GROWING! Will the parents taking care of their kids please STAND UP?

*The church fundraiser that had booked DMX to perform this weekend has been cancelled by the Arizona high school where it was scheduled to take place.

A representative for former “Brady Bunch” star Eve Plumb has dismissed rumors

Malawi and Zambia are set to win hundreds of millions of dollars in U.S. infrastructure grants in the next two years due to steady improvements in the way they are run, U.S. aid officials said


"Historical Marker Placed In Honor Of Texas Southern University Today" Find Out Where.

(From blackdoctor.org) When the sun comes up and you begin to stir, what runs through your mind? When your eyes open and your mind and body begin to awaken from a night of sleep, what happens? What does your mind do? What does your body want?

According to AOL News: A little over a year after he saved 150 lives by nailing an emergency landing in New York’s Hudson River, Capt. Chesley Sullenberger is retiring from US Airways. Sully, as he is known, was hailed as a hero after safely guiding a commercial jetliner to the water landing after both engines […]


Check out this funny video of Elmo doing an Autotuned rendition of Wendy's popular phrase, How You Doin'!

I guess that social security check wasn't enough! LOL