We all want one, but how many of us want to put the work in the work to get it? Some people work their butts off and still can’t get a six pac; why is that? What about those who can’t seem to lose those last five to 10 lbs? What’s the problem? Well, I’m […]

The Clark Sisters’ new Family Christmas album is here and the ladies invited the entire Clark/Moss clan to participate for the holidays!!

The Health Care Bill cleared a major hurdle today!

They are remaking "The Karate Kid" and Jaden Smith is the star!

End of the Year Sale….Everything Must Go!!!<!--more-->

Senate Prepares to Vote on Health Care Bill Christmas Eve By a majority vote — the last needed to end debate on the health care legislation — Democrats defeated a series of points of orders raised by Republicans, including one that questioned whether the requirement for all Americans to purchase health insurance was constitutional. “Everyone… […]

Here is my pick of On Demand holiday movies for quality viewing with the visitors in your home this week and next!