VIA:  TheGrio.Com A revolution can occur in many ways. Some choose to protest with marches and picket signs. Bill T. Jones chose dance. The acclaimed dancer and choreographer has informed audiences on race, politics and sexuality in modern dance productions around the world for over thirty years. Born in Florida, Jones has said that growing […]

via: A two-year-old boy was chained to a lamppost outside a shopping center in Beijing, China, because his parents feared he could be abducted, it emerged Thursday. Passers-by saw the child tied to a post while his father, an unlicensed motorbike driver, tried to find passengers. The boy’s mother was thought to be mentally […]

(WATCH HOW GOD WORK THIS OUT) FOX 26 News found private security guards planted around St. Agnes Missionary Baptist Church on Wednesday. Those guards say they have been told by Herring Bank not to allow anyone to remove any furniture or equipment from the premises. Harris County records show Herring foreclosed on St. Agnes back […]

Courtesy of   Now what kind of Temptations step was HE doing??LOL

VIA:WORLDCHANGERS.ORG Deliverance from Trouble Declaration   In the name of Jesus, I will not neglect my great salvation-soteria. I declare that I am established in “protection, preservation, prosperity, soundness, healing, deliverance and the ministry of angels.” I will not fear. No weapon formed against me shall prosper. Every tongue that rises up against me, I […]

Singer, songwriter, and Integrity Music artist Jonathan Nelson is gearing up for a new live recording. The session takes place in Nelson’s new church home, The Faith Center, in Sunrise, Florida on February 26, 2010. This third recording will again feature Nelson’s group Purpose. Nelson’s latest effort Right Now Praise won him three Stellar awards […]


Numerous times, I’ve discussed  how chronic disease in the United States is at an all time high. I’ve also discussed the dangers of processed foods. Today I will discuss a simple way to counter chronic disease which will allow you to live a long healthy life. All you have to do is learn how to […]

VIA:  EncyclopediaOfChicago.Org Oscar DePriest was born in Florence, Alabama, to ex-slaves. He arrived in Chicago in 1889. DePriest worked as a painter and decorator, reportedly on occasion passing for white to get a job. He developed his own contracting business and began participating in community affairs. He began his political career as a precinct secretary, […]

VIA: Third-grader Amirikis Smith thought being mentioned in Obama’s speech was ‘amazing.’ “It lives on,” the president said, “in the 8-year-old boy in Louisiana, who just sent me his allowance and asked if I would give it the people of Haiti.”

The president did not identify the young man by name, but on Thursday the […]

VIA:  Answers.Com Identical twin brothers Albert and Allen Hughes became celebrities when they completed their first feature-length movie, Menace II Society. Their age when the film was released in May of 1993–they had just turned 21–put them in the company of celebrated young black directors like John Singleton, who was 23 in 1991 when Boyz […]