(From blackdoctor.org) When the sun comes up and you begin to stir, what runs through your mind? When your eyes open and your mind and body begin to awaken from a night of sleep, what happens? What does your mind do? What does your body want?

According to AOL News: A little over a year after he saved 150 lives by nailing an emergency landing in New York’s Hudson River, Capt. Chesley Sullenberger is retiring from US Airways. Sully, as he is known, was hailed as a hero after safely guiding a commercial jetliner to the water landing after both engines […]


Check out this funny video of Elmo doing an Autotuned rendition of Wendy's popular phrase, How You Doin'!

The women of "American Idol" were back on stage Wednesday night. Originally scheduled to perform on Tuesday, the female hopefuls were forced to perform a day later due to finalist Crystal Bowersox's illness..Check out Crystal performance..


Here's a frightening story about the growing bacteria and other germs in your children's bath water and toys. Yuck!!!

Could Seek First The Kingdom be the outfit that picks up where Cross Movement left off? Mark Chappelle Coston covers this story over at Elev8.com!

Check out this gospel rendition of "I'm Lovin' It"!!! Hot Fries, Big Mac, Lawwwd!!! Must see!!!

Keith L. Alexander and Ann E. Marimow from the Washington Post reports that D.C. Superior Court began accepting marriage license applications from same-sex couples Wednesday morning, a historic milestone for gay couples and activists that was made possible by the city’s new gay marriage law.