Nearly 200 Fort Bend Independent School District teachers won't be returning to the classroom next year, KPRC Local 2 reported Tuesday. might want to stop this book from getting released because it's not looking good for you. The author sheds new light of lesbian affairs, and false accusations of molestation. Other sources are reporting what her stepfather had to say about Oprah and it's unbelievable!

According to Associated Press, "Designing Women" Actress Dixie Carter died Saturday morning at age 70.

Supposedly, this guy has went public to say that he IS Ray-J and Brandy's oldest brother but has not been recognized by their father, Willie Norwood. Story developing....

According to, both Newsweek and Businessweek have stories about how Obama has restored America’s economy. Businessweek’s story is called “Why The Obama Plan Is Working.”

When Tommy heard former NFL coach Tony Dungy was coming to Columbia to address inmates at the Broad River Correctional complex, the 39-year-old from Rock Hill said he was the first prisoner to sign up.

HOUSTON – The Houston Independent School District is investigating whether students are fighting at a middle school and then posting the videos on the Internet. A district spokesperson says it would not be the first time that students at Dowling Middle School fought and uploaded the action to the popular website . Stephanie Morgan’s […]

If there is one thing I’ve learned in life this far it would be this simple fact, that life is forever changing no matter what you do. Change is your friend if it’s positive but if the change is negative than it can become your enemy. The thing I want to share with you in this particular blog is that no matter if it’s positive or negative all changes in life can work for your good if you handle it the right way. <!--more-->

Former Boxing Champ "Rocky Lockridge" (Who Knocked Out Floyd Mayweather's Uncle In 98 Sec) Has Crack Addiction and Has Family Intervention!

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