Eating a diet high in vegetables, fish, fruit, nuts and poultry, and low in red meat and butter may reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Read the findings of this report here.

Researchers have found that people who eat five or more servings per week of white rice were 17 percent more likely to develop type 2 diabetes than those who eat less than one serving of white rice per month.

Check out these tips that will shave valuable minutes off your fitness routine while still getting you the same benefits as a full-length workout.

Squeezing in some extra walking every day is a great way to burn calories, boost mood, and lower your risk of disease. ChiWalking, can even cut down on aches and pains by incorporating elements of tai chi, yoga, and pilates.


Sometimes you just NEED food when you're out and about, and you find yourself at a fast food joint. No sweat. Here are Hungry Girl's guilt-free fast food finds...

Nearly 200 Fort Bend Independent School District teachers won't be returning to the classroom next year, KPRC Local 2 reported Tuesday. might want to stop this book from getting released because it's not looking good for you. The author sheds new light of lesbian affairs, and false accusations of molestation. Other sources are reporting what her stepfather had to say about Oprah and it's unbelievable!

According to Associated Press, "Designing Women" Actress Dixie Carter died Saturday morning at age 70.

Supposedly, this guy has went public to say that he IS Ray-J and Brandy's oldest brother but has not been recognized by their father, Willie Norwood. Story developing....

According to, both Newsweek and Businessweek have stories about how Obama has restored America’s economy. Businessweek’s story is called “Why The Obama Plan Is Working.”