Check out this blog piece by blogger Donna Marbury about sacrificing those things we love for a stronger relationship with Christ!

Have You Ever Felt Bullied At Your Job? Do You Really Know What Bullying Looks Like Or Feels Like? If Your Answer Was Yes To Either One Of These Questions Then Please Check Out This Information And Share It With Others. Lets Put An End To All Bullying.

" Celebrate With the Bride To Be And Help To Make Her Memories Everlasting"

Hello ladies, This post is dedicated to the single moms. The ones who are getting it right, have my respect and kudos. It is never easy to raise a good Black man in today’s world. It never has been.

A tornado almost a mile wide tore through Mississippi on Saturday, killing at least 10 people and causing significant injuries and damage as it raked cities from the central western border with Louisiana northeastward to Alabama.

DARPA Looks to Make a Flying Car via: The Defense Department agency DARPA is developing the Transformer (TX) vehicle, the world’s first true flying car.

Satellites to issue speeding tickets from space Via: & UK drivers had better stay under that speed limit, because the traffic authorities are watching… from outer space. According to The Telegraph, an American company called PIPS Technology has developed a system that uses two cameras on the ground and one mounted on a satellite […]

The misuse of authority has led many women to flinch when the word "submission" is brought up. Today's women often view submission to men as an outdated and humiliating concept. Much of this response is due to the failure of men to be Christlike leaders in their homes.

*Three years ago I sat in a crowded Compton, CA church (Love and Unity) and witnessed one of the most incredible recordings I’ve ever heard. It was the Soul Seekers’ live recording

Don't you just love to see these two? Word is they went on a romantic getaway without the girls! We have pics of them doing some hiking and they also stopped by their favorite restaurant for barbecue in North Carolina! Have fun Prez and Lady O!