The venue was not like any other you might find throughout the country;

FROM SHINE.COM: Our kids live in a culture of sharing that has forever changed the concept of privacy. In a world where everyone is connected and anything created can get copied, pasted, and sent to thousands of people in a heartbeat, privacy starts to mean something different than simply guarding personal or private information. Each […]

A prominent African-American pastor has announced plans to ask the Southern Baptist Convention to amend its constitution to ban churches that condone racism.

Not only do identical twins LaTonya and LaToya harris share the same DNA, they share the same GPA as well. Check this video out!

This season’s candy color trend offers the chance to move away from the safe colors of black, brown and grey and welcome the warm season with bright hues. Take a look at some bright and look at me dresses: Make Way For The Monokini STYLE TREND: Gold Bangles

Looks like something from the movie 2012. Saints get ready....Jesus is on his way back!

Man Shocked After Reading Orlando-Based Recruiter’s Ad      via: ORLANDO, Fla. — Job hunters are facing a new trend: businesses asking recruitment companies to keep unemployed people out of their job pools. 

Art Institute Of Atlanta Arts Examiner Erykah Badu is known for music that challenges the listener; with their highly personal, emotional, philosophical, and political content. She weaves seemingly, disparate musical influences together creating a rich texture of sound. The video “Window Seat”  depicts the singer, walking through downtown Dallas, as she shed her clothes along […]

There are certain questions that I can’t stand to answer. Partially because the answer will bring no benefit to the questioner, and partially because the question itself makes certain implications. My favorite (or perhaps least favorite) question of this type — “Why aren’t you married/dating/in a relationship?” We all love to get that question, don’t […]