At 5 p.m., Massie said the cleanup could take several more hours. The mainlanes of the 610 Loop at Bellaire will remain closed.

For most of its 94 years, St. John Baptist has served a predominantly African-American congregation. Yet, nowadays the Sunday services boast a nearly 50/50 split of black and white folks in the pews.

Based on the life of Reverence Gospel Media founder Galley Molina, Rapper Ja Rule will play the role of Miles Montego, a wealthy former drug dealer who has gone straight, in upcoming film ‘I’m in Love with a Church Girl.’

The lawsuit, filed today in U.S. District Court, charges that 18-year-old Constance McMillen’s free speech rights were violated when school officials told her they would be enforcing the

Meet Sharif Mobley, a born U.S. Citizen and a former laborer at several nuclear power plants in the U.S. He is now the latest example of the phenomenon of Americans joining terror movements overseas, which U.S. intelligence officials have warned of.

Fearless Living in Dangerous Times

Houston's own Jack Yates near perfection ..

HIV/AIDS disproportionately affects Black people around the world, with Black women in particular becoming infected at an alarmingly increasing rate. For our community to withstand this epidemic, it’s absolutely crucial that we all know the risks and take all necessary precautions to avoid infection. See below for more information from the Centers for Disease Control.

Two people have been found dead at a home in Brookshire, KPRC Local 2 reported.

The Kansas City, Missouri, school board voted Wednesday to close 28 of the district's 61 schools.