A doctor from the Cleveland Clinic claims he has developed a vaccine to prevent and possibly cure breast cancer.

From leopard prints to croc embossing, animal print shoes are hot this season, put your best foot forward with these exotic sandals:

Note: The views and opinions expressed herein may not be logical and/or follow any sound reasoning whatsoever. I want to attempt to help the ladies understand how

“I never thought this day would happen, because a lot of times I felt like giving up". Perserverance, friends and help from the community pays off in a big way.

I feel an immense sense of freedom. Want to know my secret? I just let go…. That’s it, I let go! I stopped fighting against the current and let the stream of life just flow. I became aware and open to the synchronicities that the universe has in store.

The second annual Steve Harvey Mentoring Weekend for Young Men will take place on the radio host’s ranch in Dallas, TX from June 17-20

Plain white tees are for the unoriginal and uninspired.

Black Music Month Celebrates Fred Hammond.