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Usher had an emotional moment during an interview with Carson Daly on the Today show Wednesday morning. The Voice judge revealed that one of his sons has been diagnosed with Type 1…

The new pope of the Catholic church is Cardinal Jorge Bergolio of Argentina. He will take the name Pope Francis. He is the church’s first non-European pope ever. He held the second most votes in the previous conclave which selected Pope Benedict XVI. Read More

  via:christianpost   As the death toll in the Israel–Hamas conflict rose to 97 Monday morning, Egypt’s prime minister has said that negotiations for a truce were being discussed, with the Arab League and countries around the world hoping the deadly aerial assaults will soon come to an end.  “Negotiations are going on as we […]

A man in Northern China has divorced and sued his wife for their baby being ugly and he’s won. Problems arose when the woman gave birth to a little girl that the husband found to be incredibly ugly, to the point that it horrified him. Since the baby’s mother was extremely attractive and the husband […]

Even if you haven’t consciously sought out ways to gain the respect and admiration of other people, the success skills below will go a long…

  via:christianpost   A day after arriving in Beirut, Pope Benedict XVI on Saturday urged Lebanon to be a model of coexistence of Islam and Christianity for the restive Middle East. His three-day visit comes amid concerns over the future of minority Christians in the region where Islamism is on the rise.  “It is not […]

  via:christianpost   An evangelical professor who was part of a summit on foreign policy held at GeorgetownUniversity believes that evangelicals should avoid “Muslim-baiting.”  David Gushee, founder of the organization Evangelicals for Human Rights and professor at MercerUniversity, told The Christian Post that evangelicals should not participate in projects like the anti-Muhammad film that sparked […]

    via:christianpost   Human rights watchdog Open Doors USA has warned that the attacks that have taken place in the last 24-48 hours in Libya and Egypt as a result of an anti-Islamic film promoted by a Florida minister will lead to further marginalization of Christians in the Middle East and Northern Africa.  “[The […]

  via:christianpost   A Judge in Pakistan has agreed to set bail for a Christian girl said to be mentally ill who was accused of desecrating a Muslim religious text.  Judge Mohammed Azam Khan set bail at 1 million rupees, which equals U.S. $10,500. The girl’s lower income family will have to receive financial support […]

  via:christianpost   U.S. and Korean evangelical leaders are rallying around OlivetUniversity and its founder Dr. David Jang in the wake of an article published by Christianity Today (CT) which attempts to rekindle in the U.S. a decade-old Asian controversy over alleged “Second Coming Christ” beliefs regarding Jang. All of the allegations against Jang have […]