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Check out our gallery of 10 of the hottest handbags this season, which are guaranteed to give your outfit some pop and make it stand out from the sea of beige!

Orange is the hot color in fashion this season. From apricot to florescent hues, every shade is a spring must-have. The bright color adds pop to any outfit.

Moms are some of the busiest people alive! Taking care of the kids, the house, the dog and holding down your day job puts you in a constant multi-tasking mode. As a wife, mommy and a woman on the move, I don’t always have time for a hair salon visit, even when it’s relaxer time. […]

Tell a Facebook user to live without checking their messages, posting photos, updating their status or stopping by their favorite pages on the social networking site and they may break out into a cold sweat.But that’s the challenge being set to his congregation by Raymond Underwood, senior pastor of Palm Beach Community Church in Palm […]

I recently decided to go lighter and let my stylist add some blond streaks in my naturally dark brown hair. But after a few washes, my streaks didn’t look as vibrant as it had when it was fresh. Has this ever happened to your color? Here is why your hair color fades: Colored-treated hair undergoes […]

This season, short hair is showing up everywhere and on everybody.  In fact, it really never left the fashion scene! Besides short hair being stylish and generally easy to manage, there are some general “rules” that you should follow so you don’t end up looking a hot mess. Whether your style is smooth, layered and […]

Ask Natalie is here to answer ALL your burning hair care questions. Natalie, a professional hair stylist with over 20 years of beauty industry experience, has travelled the world sharing her knowledge and passion for healthy, beautiful hair. Her gorgeous styles have been featured in magazines, on top-rated television shows, and graced the stages at major industry events. As a Master Educator for Design Essentials, Natalie has created several of the company’s chicest styles and hair care techniques. So send her your questions, because she has the answers! Send your hair care questions to:

Sally Hansen's Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips come in 5 new playful patterns perfect for Spring and Summer. The strips can last up to two weeks for only $10!

Transitioning from Winter to Spring can be complicated when it comes to your wardrobe. Mornings can often be 30 degrees, while afternoon temperatures can rise to 50 degrees or more. We, at the HB offices, often found ourselves lugging around our heavy coats instead of wearing them when midday hit and then rushing to put […]

Some think that worry-free traveling means getting past the anxiety-producing airport security pat down without being detained. For others, the same term means breezing through security without having their precious beauty cargo confiscated because they aren’t TSA-approved. To squelch some of the stress of packing for a trip, beauty companies have made more and more […]