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The CNN Belief Blog will occasionally share the spiritual journeys of others and begins with this one from Jascinth Hall, a 26-year-old wife and mother of three who was baptized in Atlanta, Georgia.

According to Chosen Chick, they have nothing on the women in the Bible!

Check out this interesting article by Praise Blogger, Donna Marbury aka The Chosen Chick!

Via Recent research by psychologists investigating the roots of happiness found that the happiest people are those who are closely connected with family and friends. They spend the least amount of time alone, and pursue both ‘personal growth and intimacy.’ They are people who fill their lives with meaningful, absorbing activities that keep them […]

Ladies, suppose you met a man who was interested in you. He didn’t have a sense of style, not fresh like any of the other guys you know. His hair was nappy, and he didn’t really have a job. He was an earthy type of dude who spent most of his time with his crew. He was a virgin, and celibate so he wasn’t ever looking to have sex with you.

Check out this blog piece by blogger Donna Marbury about sacrificing those things we love for a stronger relationship with Christ!

Let’s talk about it, the “first fruit” concept that is. So often we who are in the Church concentrate on the “first fruit” concept as only paying our tithes (rarely our offerings). It is seldom common knowledge that offering of our “first fruit” should extend beyond just giving of our monies.

Wow! The state of the union address that was given by President Obama was the most concise, inspiring and realest that i have ever heard.