It is a rare moment that a movie evokes such strong emotion out of an audience in its first few scenes, and Precious does just that. Check out the review here.<!--more-->

Over the decades, black churches have helped change history in Chicago and in the country. Chicago’s oldest African-American church, Quinn Chapel African Methodist Episcopal, played an integral role in the abolition movement. In subsequent years, black churches were at the forefront of civil rights, education, housing and health reform. Today, the black church is addressing youth violence.<!--more-->

After a much publicized loss in a french court over fraud charges, the church of scientology may be on the brink of collapse. This religion, what many consider as a cult, has many high profile members of which one (Paul Haggis) has recently Left. Many sources are saying that another high profile member, namely John Trevolta, is said to be considering a departure.

ARLINGTON, Va. – On a cold, rain-soaked Veterans Day, President Barack Obama walked slowly through the white, stone markers at the section of Arlington National Cemetery reserved for troops killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, the two wars he oversees as commander in chief. Obama led the nation Wednesday in observing Veterans Day with a traditional […]


By Ken Coward Via: POST HOLIDAY WORKOUT FOR THE MODERATE FITNESS BUFF  The first Post Holiday Workout I provided was for the hardcore fitness fanatic. This program is for those of you that have worked but aren’t sure of exactly what to do. This program is easy to follow yet challenging enough to get […]