I know it’s uncouth to say, “I told you so,” but in this case I did. SOURCE: USA Today

A beauty salon is another such option for most women. You can open up a beauty salon in your house and work there only in the day time. Rest of the day you can either keep it shut or keep some assistants who will handle the salon in your absence. This kind of work however, will require prior knowledge of the field and some experience too.

Via: Historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) are home to some of the nation’s brightest leaders, and educational pioneers, along with producing some of the baddest bands and fiercely competitive football rivals.

Via:   Blessed Family we are known to recognize a new school year, a new physical year, a new athletic year and a new calendar year. Now what about A New Year In Christ. Thanks Pastor Kirbyjon & Suzette Caldwell.

The Wall Street Journal has released it's 25 Top Colleges list and two Texas colleges made the cut. This list of schools are ones that major companies recruit from because these schools produce the cream of the crop! If you have kids going to college soon, then this is the story for you.

When I was a child I used to hear this saying and I thought it was just a funny little saying. I didn’t really believe they were real.. Well, I was wrong! They are real!

At the grocery store, microwave popcorn runs about $3 per box, and each box includes three 3.5-ounce bags.

This is the Reader's Digest Version of all those confusing words and seemingly random rules you missed in English class.

Can you pronounce this word? pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis-(NOO-muh-noh-UL-truh-MY-kruh-SKOP-ik-SIL -i-koh-vol-KAY-no-KOH-nee-O-sis, nyoo-) noun  

            By: Colin Byrd via:yahoocars   Do you recognize the symbol here? It lights up in your instrument panel and looks like a U-shaped pictograph with treads and an exclamation point in the middle.   Do you understand what it means now?   If you guessed a low tire-pressure warning, […]