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via: dasouth.com On his new album Blueprint 3 Jay-Z has been receiving some “feedback” about his song “Empire State of Mind,” which features Alicia Keys on the hook. Many have been concerned about a particular line in the song that seems to take a knock at Jesus Christ. Here is the excerpt from verse 3. […]

Hey, to all the amusement park fans, like myself, our prayers have been answered..... There is a new theme park being built in the H-town area that is going to make astroworld look like a roadside carnival.<!--more-->

via: http://www.litarodi.com/ As a young man he dedicated his life to Jesus Christ at the age of 16 during the Spring of 2001. Since the ambition to be a rap artist burned in his heart he was inspired to produce a gospel rap album “In God We Trust”. Using this tool he performed at local […]

He is blessed to be a blessing.. See what God did thru Tyler Perry

She own's the station she is on....NOW THATS OPRAH but she did leave some tears behind .

It pays to be oprah's best friends .. see why !