Made by the same church that filmed the 2008 hit “Fireproof,” Courageous has made $25 million and is the top-ranked fan film on Fandango.com, a popular film ticketing website. It also has the third-most viewed trailer on that website. It was the No. 1 new film on opening weekend and is one of only four […]


Melanoma is the less common, but more serious type of skin cancer. When melanoma is caught early, it is generally treatable.

When you notice that a friend suddenly won’t answer your text messages, tweets, texts or emails, this can be an unnerving and disturbing situation. According to About.com, the first sign that something could be ‘wrong’ with a friendship is often when you just don’t hear from your friend. Some people are not good at initiating […]

Certain everyday situations have huge potential for causing stress. But by being organized and easing up on self-imposed time pressures, you can dodge these situations and skip the stress.


Some welcome Professor Ralph Richard Banks book, “Is Marriage for White People?” because it has started an uncomfortable conversation they say is long overdue.

The true spirit that lives on from September 11, 2001 is love. I was at work the day the buildings fell victim to hatred. I…


Slash calories and reap major health benefits in no time with quick bursts of the following fun activities.

Le’Andria Johnson is back with new single  “Jesus” and label home Matthew Knowles’ New World Music. Johnson roars on the new song from forthcoming freshman…

Wine can be a simple thing to order. We all spend a good deal of time looking over the menu to decide what to order.…

// VIA Elev8.com: Over the last couple of weeks we have looked at steps you can take to reduce your risk of becoming a victim of identity theft. I wish I could tell you that by applying these simple steps you can avoid any opportunity of becoming a victim of this crime. Unfortunately, I can […]