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By R. Albert Mohler, Jr.|Christian Post Guest Columnist. Opinion |Tue, Mar. 29 2011 11:03 AM EDT Must a Pastor Be Married? The New York Times Asks the Question By R. Albert Mohler, Jr.|Christian Post Guest Columnist Is marriage a

Apple has removed a controversial “anti-gay” app from its App Store after nearly 150,000 people signed an online petition requesting its removal. Released in mid-February by the Orlando, Fla.-based Christian group Exodus International, the free app provided video, podcasts, blog posts and

By Josephine Vivaldo|Christian Post ContributorAn inspirational movie based on the true story of a 15-year-old’s tragic death and how he was able to save five lives through organ donation and inspire people on a football team opens in theaters this FridayYoung Luke Abbate’s tragedy provides the story for “The 5th Quarter,” starring Ryan Merriman, Aidan […]

Nominal Christian, Mormon missionary, atheist, and now a born-again Christian, Richard Morgan recently spoke to Apologetics315 about his life-changing, or saving, experience on none other than Richard Dawkins’ infamous website. Having been through his share of religious inquiry at a young age, Morgan realized that

Efrem Graham News Anchor & ReporterMEMPHIS, Tenn. – Memphis is well-known for its blues, barbecue, and Beale Street. But the latest buzz in the city is about babies having babies. Bluff City made national headlines in January with reports of 90 girls at Frayser High School being pregnant or having a

The Christian group, under fire by gay rights activists for the so-called "gay cure" app, responded to the controversy Monday, saying its Apple app is being grossly misrepresented.

Parishioners at the Houston Unity Baptist Church claim the pastor, John Goodman, asked members of his congregation to hand over their tax refunds to the church.

By the time the new North Hills Baptist Church opens Sunday , Pastor Jeremy Van Delinder will have enlisted dozens of volunteers and founding coaches from his former church in Florida to help get the word out. Like most church starters , he has knocked on

*And the war against gay marriage still wages with another tally mark for the conservatives on the issue. Black churches helped defeat another gay marriage bill in the state of Maryland. What was clear from the debate

Crystal Cathedral in Southern California has taken the surprising step of asking its choir members to model a biblical lifestyle, which would include abstaining from homosexual behavior. This is reportedly the first time the Garden Grove megachurch is asking the choir to