Omar Bhatti, the guy who claiming Michael Jackson is his father, is now claiming he's the father of Michael Jackson's three children.

According to his daughter, the legendary entertainer James Brown's body is reportedly missing from its crypt! Can we say OMG!!!!!

What if you were driving on the highway and as you pressed the accelerator to increase speed, the pedal got stuck? That's what happen to a man driving a TOYOTA Prius! Not good for Toyota at all!

A Price Is Right model is now suing the network for discrimination siting that she had a miscarriage, was depressed, ridiculed and lost her job all because she was pregnant.

Some fool "dun" stole money from the collection plate at church! Read more inside! LOL

ELLISBURG, Ky. – Members of a small central Kentucky church successfully disarmed a man who rode horseback to morning services, then walked into the church with a holstered gun. Police said the man, 43, was arrested about an hour later at a house and charged with public intoxication.

A federal judge is being asked to stop Lower Merion School District officials from removing any information from the 2,300 laptops issued to high school students. Lawyers for the school district that has been accused in a class action lawsuit of spying on students in their homes are due in court today. Mark Haltzman, the […]

VIA ATLANTA (Feb. 14) – The message on dozens of billboards across the city is provocative: Black children are an “endangered species.” The eyebrow-raising ads featuring a young black child are an effort by the anti-abortion movement to use race to rally support within the black community. The reaction from black leaders has been […]

Leave it to Lindsay. The “Mean Girls” star and a tabloid mainstay — thanks to her various antics on the town, any town — has explored Judaism, experimented with Scientology and Kabbalah, and has been in relationships both straight and gay. Now she’s striking a pose as Jesus Christ.

Let’s face it: we’re a time starved nation. We like to multi-task, eat fast and stay up late (um, why do you think the Conan-Leno debate was so huge?) – which is why many of us are bleary-eyed as we drag ourselves into the office for another day of work. Sooner or later, we all […]