By Mike Krumboltz via:yahoonews   This just in from the “strange but probably true” files. Fisherman Raphael Biagini reeled in what is believed to be a 30-pound koi carp in France, where the fish are quite popular. The fish, a vivid orange, looks a great deal like a giant goldfish. […]


Most people throw away old cell phones without a second thought. Steven Ortiz is not like most teenagers. This 17-year-old Californian went on Craigslist to turn a used cell phone a friend gave him into a Porsche convertible. Harvard Business School, watch out for this guy.


If your married, then you should remembered where you met your spouse. Weather it was at the park or your favorite grocery store, that's the day you will never forget. But would you seal the deal at the place you first met? What if that place was in produce at that Kroger store or waiting for your number one at Whataburger?


It seems Andrea Parish and her fiancé Peter Geyer have a flair for creating buzz. Known as the "wedding can couple," Geyer and Parrish have been in the news because they are paying for their July 31 wedding solely with the $3,800 in proceeds they earned from recycling 400,000 cans.

MSNBC reports: Police say a Pittsfield woman has been cited for running down a man named Lord Jesus Christ as he crossed a street in Northampton on Tuesday. The 50-year-old man is from Belchertown. Officers checked his ID and discovered that, indeed, his legal name is Lord Jesus Christ. He was taken to the hospital […]

A man is posed on a motorcycle at his own funeral. CNN’s Jeanne Moos has more on what’s termed “unusual post-mortem” displays. Click HERE to view more.

Police in one Connecticut city have a warning for nightclub patrons: Don't call 911 for a ride home.

A Seattle mother is furious after learning that her 15-year-old daughter was sent by her school’s health center for a secret abortion, reports ABC-affiliate KOMO, reports Patrick B. Craine, The mother, identified only as “Jill,” says her daughter was given a pregnancy test at Ballard High School’s Teen Health Center, which came back positive. […]

In defense of the GOP, just this one time, CSPAN callers are the nuttiest people in the world.

The food in famous paintings of the meal has grown by biblical proportions over the last millennium, researchers report in a medical journal Tuesday. MSNBC covers this story inside!