About Nzinga

Nzinga\'s heart desire is to please GOD in all that she say\'s, and does. She’s a native Houstonian with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Secondary Education.
Nzinga is married to her high school sweetheart, King Kamau Rideaux a marriage of over twenty years. Her passion as a life coach and encourager is to help nurture and train young married women in their roles as helpmates unto their husbands.
Nzinga has been in radio for over 15 years. She loves working with young student athletes, speaking at women conferences, youth events, and serving as mistress of ceremony for special events. Nzinga also serves in ministry at her Church Windsor Village UMC.
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Good morning blessed family remember to never take God or each other for granted. Because when you do you abuse the relationship. So expect newness from God and from each other as you strive to add value to your relationships don’t allow the enemy to make you devalue them. Remember we were created in love to […]

Good morning blessed Family remember all the Glory belongs to Him. Make it a great weekend in Him. Luv U 2 Life:-)

Good morning blessed Family remember to stay the course and stay focused while continuing to go Faith Forward in Him. Luv U 2 Life:-)

Good morning blessed Family remember to make it a great day loving Him, being love by Him and loving others. Luv U 2 Life:-)

Good morning blessed Family remember there are more with us than there are those against us. 2 Kings 6:16-17, we are on the winning side so don’t allow anyone are anything to persuade you to leave the winning team. Remember our Big Brother Jesus conquered death, hell and the grave. Luv U 2 Life:-)

Good morning blessed Family remember God loves you just as you are right now, even though you are still becoming all that He has called for you to be. Why? Because He knows the end from the beginning. Continue to make it a great day in Him the all knowing God. Luv U 2 Life:-)

Good morning blessed Family remember you were chosen to standout for His glory, not to fit in.

Good morning blessed Family remember Hope is a Muscle, Faith is its Fuel,

We’re excited about the Sunday Best Auditions being in H-Town this year it’s been a long time coming and here are some samples of some of Houston’s hopeful. SUNDAY BEST SINGERS For more information on Houston Try-Outs March 23rd visit myhoustonmajic.com

Good morning blessed Family remember Whatever He ask you to do, do it. He only asked because He knows that He has equipped you to handle it,