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A 3-year-old Brooklyn girl died just before Christmas when she ventured up to the roof of her building Wednesday and tumbled four stories to her death.

Kyrah Martin’s broken body was found facedown in the snow at 1:15 a.m. as the rooftop alarm in the Crown Heights building blared.

“There’s one set of footprints in the snow on the roof,” Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said. “The baby tragically fell off the roof.”

Kyrah’s mom, 35-year-old Nefertiti Martin, had gone to sleep with her four kids in the same bed, said the dead girl’s grandmother, Nadine Martin.

Nefertiti Martin was awakened early yesterday by cops who were searching apartments, trying to find where the dead girl lived.

The mother assured the officers her four children were snug in bed, even lifting up the covers, the grandmother said.

“One, two, three …,” Nefertiti Martin counted out loud – stopping when she realized the little girl she had nicknamed “Mikey,” after the ever-hungry kid in the Life cereal commercial, was gone.

“Oh my God! Where’s my daughter?” the shocked mother wailed, Nadine Martin said, recalling what her daughter told her. “Kyrah! Kyrah! Kyrah!”

Police concluded Kyrah’s death was accidental, but the Department of Homeless Services is investigating.

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