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The U.S. Senate has just passed their version of the controversial health care bill, despite grave public misgivings as to the cost and details of the ponderous, admittedly largely unread, document.

In a Christmas Eve vote at 7:00 a.m. in the morning, Senate democrats managed to cram through their bloated health care bill, ending the voting session with a smattering of self-congratulatory applause.

Republicans held fast to their decision to vote against the bill, as they were completely left out of the hidden process and secret meetings of the democrats, who many say have shoved this bill down the throats of the American taxpayer, just to give democrat President Barack Obama something to claim as a victory in a first-year full of failures.

Obama, for his part, kept his family at the White House to await the final vote, delaying his Hawaiian vacation to enjoy his bitter win.

There are a number of hurdles yet for the health care bill to cross, particularly the merging of the Senate and House bills.

The health care bill has been passed, despite the fact that a good majority of American citizens don’t want one, as evidenced by polls running up to the voting session, wherein even democrat citizens are against the bill.