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Train Up A Child | Faith Walking


Teach Your Children About Jesus

You know, I remember being a little girl and being in the car and my mom always playing the Bible tapes. There was always some British man reading the scripture to us, my whole life. We would be like, “We can’t listen to the radio? We can’t listen to The Winas or The Hawkins?” Nope. She’s playing scriptures. As a kid, I didn’t get it, but as I got older, guess what I do… I play the Bible in my car and I know my kids feel the same way.  

I do believe that she planted seeds in me that caused a desire to love God and love his word. So, you know, as I begin to grow and go through different things and experience things and just have a desire to want to know his word, I was like, well, “Let’s just start with at least listening to it.”  

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I remembered my mom. I remember her playing the scripture. She had this big book of tapes and would take it out and we would listen to them. There would be times when I needed it to come to my memory because of what I was dealing with, or questions that I had about life or my own faith journey…and the word of God that would come back to me.  

So, if you’re trying to figure things out, or maybe even for your kids, I want you to remember that you are the boss. I don’t want to hear you say, “They don’t want to listen to that.” Who cares? We don’t care what they want to listen to. You have to train them up in the way they should go. They won’t even take baths if we don’t tell them. But listen, make sure that you are giving them Jesus. If this is life changing information, they can’t find it randomly. You can’t say, “Well, I’m just going to let them take their time. When they come to it, they’ll come to it.”  

Train up a child in the way he should go: And when he is old, he will not depart from it. (Proverbs 22:6 KJV)

The devil is fighting for your children, so you better be intentional about teaching your children about Jesus and letting them hear the word of God! They need to wake up with blessed oil on their forehead.  They need to hear you praying in the house. They need to hear the word of God sometimes as you move around, even in your car. Teach them the word of God. Plant seeds that will grow later in life. You want your kids to love Jesus, but we have to teach them about Jesus.  

All right, that is the Faith Walk for the day. 

Love you and I mean it! 



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