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I actually have some news that I haven’t shared with anyone, not even the team… but I have something amazing coming next Monday. 


So we know that social media is kind of random. It’s not very intentional. Most people just kind of scroll and whatever is in the feed is whatever comes up, but I feel like there are people who are intentionally looking for messages of affirmation, of love, and of messages about marriage and family. So, I have created It is a subscription-based website where you’ll get ministry, laughter, encouragement, and prayers. Some of my past Ericaisms and Faith Walks over the years—I’ve been doing this now for eight years, so that’s a lot of Ericaisms and a lot of Faith Walks. I just wanted to be intentional about people who have literally been a blessing to my life. I could not be here and would not be here without the support of people like you that are listening. I know everybody’s in different places. Everybody’s not on Instagram. Everybody’s not on Facebook, and everybody’s not on Twitter…We’re all in different places, so I wanted to create a special place, and that’s what will be.   

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You can actually go now if you’d like to Sign up so we can get your information to let you know when the launch happens and what that will look like. I’m so, so excited because I’ve just been trying to figure out, “how do you reach the people directly.” We don’t always get a chance to reach the people directly. We put our music out and we hope that people come to the music. We put the books out and we hope people come to the books. I just wanted to change my approach a little bit and reach out intentionally to the people that have been a blessing to my life. Literally, I wouldn’t be here without the people that have supported me and so I’m so grateful. I just wanted to offer something intentional. 

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There will be some classes…I will be talking about marriage, relationships, and sisterhood. I will be talking about parenting with other great friends and guests of mine. It will be that place for all things Erica. Y’all know my record is called I love you and that the movement that I’m on. God’s love has been so powerful in my life that I want to be a reflection of his love and his power as much as I can, so I’ve created You can sign up and be a part of my world and find out what’s going and get more information than you would get on a regular Facebook page. More information than you would get on a regular Instagram post or tweet…more in depth, more explanation. Sometimes you see things and you want to understand more—well, this will be where you can understand more and I’m super excited and cannot wait to launch it next Monday! 

People can find you, but when people seek after you…that’s a different thing. And I want to be able to have something for those people that have been a blessing and support my ministry, my music, even my family.  

That is my Ericaism of the day! 

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