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Sometimes You Just Gotta Wait | Ericaism

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I’m sure we all know people or know someone that is really good at waiting and somebody that’s really terrible at waiting. So the people that are good at waiting, you can tell them something’s coming and they be like, alright, cool. But just let me know when. And the people that are terrible at waiting, they ask you 1000 questions. Well, what time well, do you know I could give a general idea. So, I mean, who is going to be there? Well, I mean, well. OK, well, how can I prepare myself? Oh, just wait. Don’t you hate impatient people? OK, hate it strong. Don’t we struggle with impatient people? 


It’s so funny. So I have a big family and I have sisters who are patient but like, fine. Whatever you say and then I have other sisters who don’t know how to wait at all, and I think that you miss the beauty in waiting. We know many scriptures wait on the Lord and and be of good courage. And you know they that wait on the. I mean there’s so many scriptures about waiting still is the hardest thing to do especially since we live in an era of getting things quickly we can Google things we can microwave food. You can order something and it be at your house. Something as big as a car. You can literally order a car online and drive up to your house in a few days, so we are not accustomed to waiting, but there is a beauty in waiting on God.  

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There is a there’s a beauty in waiting on God’s time. You know, if you’re pregnant. I don’t care how bad you want that baby to come. It’s not coming until it’s until it comes. And if we apply that mindset to other things that God is building us for preparing us for no matter what it is, relationship, business, church, spiritual love, family. If we learn to just be patient with God, with people, with yourself. Then you get to enjoy your process of getting there, you know, imagine walking down a dark tunnel, you walking down the tunnel and there’s a light. But it’s far away. And instead of walking down the hall without bumping the walls and making a fuss, you just walk through this time, through this time of waiting, through this time of darkness and wait till you get to the light, you get there without having bruises and scars. You get there without damaging people or things around you because you learn to wait patiently. 


Patience is a virtue. Patience is a skill. Patience is a superpower. If you learn to be patient, then you know drive yourself crazy with the what else, what ifs? And I hope and is it? And will it. And let me see. And I’m trying to, you know, it comes when it comes, it happens when it happens, you don’t get there until you get there. Learn to be patient through your process. We all have a process. We all have time to wait. But when you learn to wait patiently, you do yourself a favor. You get to enjoy this time. I know that’s not something that we think about doing, but if we learn to be patient and listen, teach your people around you to be patient. Just to sit in that. 


That season of waiting it is OK. It is OK to wait. Wait on the Lord. That is my Erica ISM for the day. Ladies and gentlemen, I love you. And I mean it. I don’t think many of us are very good at it. Though Cheryl and Grant, they’re not very good at it. That waiting it wears on your faith of it, yeah it does, but it really it speaks to how much you love and trust God. It’s necessary. You know what I mean when you trust him, you don’t think the waiting means. He forgot, right? Not when you truly, truly love him. Just like when you when someone that you have a relationship with and you trust and they say I’ll get it to you when you know them you’re like, you’ll never pay me back. You ain’t gonna never. Never because you know them. You trust them. If you trust God that way, then you don’t freak out in your time of waiting.  


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