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Joys and Concerns: August 3rd, A Day We’ll Never Forget

Joys & Concerns

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It’s time for Joys and Concerns with GRIFF from the Get Up Church of Our Lord, Pentecostal Non-denominational, Denominational AME CME-E and LMNOP Apostolic Church of God and Christ! Here’s what Brother GRIFF had to say about best friends!

Brother GRIFF:

I’ve had some awesome days in my life, 51 years, 52 next month, and my children, my marriages, my military career, comedy radio, going to Africa. My first American to tape Comedy Central Africa, I got some pretty sweet accolades, but today. August 3rd, a day I ain’t gonna forget for the rest of my life, we opened the 1st and look at how God let me use them kind of words we opened the first Griffs Comedy

Club in Douglasville, GA. 


Oh, yeah, it’s the first. I only want to tell you where I see the next three at right now, but it ain’t on this continent, let me just say that I gotta thank my wife, Lee Mika Fornay, for dealing with me. My partner, my brothers Shelby Walton from Raleigh and my new partner, Tanisha Murray, we doing it, we here. No weapon formed against us. Come on listen now. 


Somebody who live in Douglasville saying they got a comedy club in Douglasville. Yes, they do. You get to say, ain’t he alright now? If you like somebody driving right now? They look at Griff. If I know anybody ever he gotta go to. The club, he do and you get to say ain’t he alright?! But if you like me and my pastor and my friend and my host of this show and our executive producer and our producer and you know your boy got a Comedy Club 80, aing he alright?! . love it. Come on in. 


In seven years, what we’ve done. I couldn’t thank God enough for you picking me in April of 2016. E Thank you, man. Changed my life, changed my life. 







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