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Faith Walking: Don’t Let Faith Take You Out

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So listen, if you were with me yesterday, you heard me talking about our prayer, praise and testimony service that we had at Cali worship on Saturday. And one of our speakers was so powerful, but she talked about how grief can be a bully. She had suffered some incredible losses just back-to-back to back. And the grief felt like it began to suffocate her but it was almost stealing her life away. 


And so she had to find her power and authority in Jesus Christ in healing and breaking generational curses of death and sickness, but also learning to speak life over her life y’all know, I say that alot. And it is in no way meaning to minimize when you’re going through and dealing with grief, because grief is a real thing and the Bible talks about it. We know that the scripture says God, that Jesus was acquainted with our grief, right, John 16”22 says “so with you now in your time of grief. But I will see you again and you will rejoice and no one will take away your joy.” 



I want you to understand that grief doesn’t have to be a part of your life for the rest of your life. That healing can really take place, and I speak healing over your life. I’m not sure who you lost or what you lost, or how devastated it was, but grief does not have to be a part of your life for the rest of your life. 


I heard this young lady talk about going back to the place and the point of her grief to reclaim and rename the spot. She had dealt with a lot of brokenness in her family. Her father was on drugs and and all these things that had happened. And so this one city she hated, she didn’t like going to the city, but the Holy Spirit LED her to go and reclaim and rename and give this place a new memory. So she literally went to this city and that’s where she got married. And so she allowed this place to now be identified with love as opposed to grief. 


And so I pray that the Holy Spirit speaks to your heart and teaches you how to overcome the place of grief and allow it to now be a place of healing, or have at least have a joyful memory. I know many people who feel this way. There’s certain cemeteries you can’t drive past, and then there’s certain hospitals you can’t drive past or certain churches you don’t want to go to because of what has happened. If God is a healer, he can heal that too. If God is a restorer, then he can restore that too. 


Don’t allow grief or anger or anything that the enemy is placed on you because you have suffered loss to steal life from you.  I want you to live and live abundantly and live freely. OK? I know it’s a little heavy for the faith walk, but sometimes it’s what it is, what it is, and you’re going through what you’re going through. 


And I pray that the message blesses you this morning. 


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