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Let God Be God | Ericaism

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You know, I’m always pleasantly, pleasantly surprised at the juxtaposition. The rub of someone’s testimony, someones life, someones anointing, right. And when they tell all that they’ve been through, when they tell all that they’ve endured, whether it is drugs or living on the street. Or, you know, molestation or, you know, being in jail or it’s always like this dramatic stuff that doesn’t necessarily align align with if you’re a Christian, then everything’s right in your life and everything’s pleasant and everything’s sweet, right. They never match. But somehow, unfortunately, when people are coming to Christ, the reasons they say they can’t come to Christ are the very reasons that some people are walking in a divine anointing because of what God has healed them from, or brought them out of. 


How do we as believers make sure that we don’t give this message of perfection and that we let people know God can save anybody from anything and use it? Wants how he wants now. Yes, we are believers and you know, try the spirit by the spirit and all this stuff. But we’ve gotten to a place of judgment and saying who can and cannot talk for God and who can and cannot be this or that, who can and cannot be a pastor or evangelist. 

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And baby, let me tell you, if you knew some of the things that your favorite pastor or evangelist has gone through and been delivered from, you would be amazed. But here’s the other part of it, how many people have a desire to live right and a desire to walk with God? But they feel like it won’t be allowed because I’ve done too much. There is nothing that you could ever do that the blood of Jesus does not cover. There’s nothing that you could ever say or no mistake you could ever make where Jesus goes up. And now I can’t forget that. 


Now we know we should not transgress the Holy Spirit. We know that that’s the one thing that it speaks of in the Bible, but some of the stuff that y’all talking about, well, you know. You know, I got divorced, so God can still save you. God can still deliver you. God can still use you. It doesn’t mean that you’re unqualified, because and I know a lot of people have different feelings on that. A lot of people do, but when we stand before God, all those people with those feelings will not be there. You’ll stand before the father on your own. 

When people say what you can’t do because of the transgressions and the when you stand before God, nobody will. Be there, our job is to love God, serve God, praise God and tell the world of his goodness and whatever area you’ve been called to. So don’t you let this false sense of I have to be perfect in order to walk up right before God, because God is the perfect one, right? God doesn’t make mistakes. He doesn’t make mistakes, but he made us and we make mistakes. How do we make that make sense? In our mind, it’s because we yield and surrender to him in every day. Our goal is to seek him, serve him to be more like him. 


It’s a reason the scripture. Tells us to repent daily. Because he knows we’re going to mess up. We’re humans. We’re in this flesh. That’s why Jesus died on the cross, because all the rules and all the things that were put in place knew it was impossible. Impossible for us to keep because we’re human. So don’t you? Write somebody off and say they can’t be a man or woman of God because of what they’ve been through. If God is a deliverer, then he’s a deliverer. Period point blank. So let God be God. 



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