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Carlee Russell

Source: Hoover Police Department / Hoover PD

As residents of Alabama lived in fear of a possible abductee on the loose, authorities close to the Carlee Russell abduction shared details of their investigation with the public Wednesday (July 19).

The story not only captured the attention of the state, but a nationwide effort to spread the word about the young woman’s abduction, which allegedly took place alongside a busy highway, became a viral movement as her face became a fixture across social media.

It’s a case as bizarre as it is perplexing:

On July 13, Carlee disappeared after calling 911 to report a missing toddler walking along I-459. She was driving in Hoover, a city just a few miles south of Birmingham, Alabama. According to the police, Carlee called a family member after she reported the lone toddler, but when she went to check on the missing child, she lost contact with her family member. According to a report issued by the Hoover Police, Carlee let out a scream before the call dropped. Officers arrived at the scene to find the 25-year-old’s vehicle with all of her belongings inside, but Carlee and the child were nowhere to be found. Before the incident, police did not receive any reports about a missing child along the interstate.

Miraculously, on July 15, Police were notified that Carlee returned home on foot. She was taken to UAB hospital for an evaluation, treated and released.

During today’s press conference Hoover Police said that the investigation is still ongoing and went on to share evidence that, for many, cast doubts as to whether or not Carlee was abducted at all. Prior to her disappearance, phone records reportedly showed she had conducted a Google search for the film Taken, about a pair of friends who are kidnapped while traveling abroad.

Officials also said Carlee used Google to find out wether or not Amber Alert’s were free and how to steal from a register without getting caught.

See the press conference below.

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