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I’m Going With Jesus | Ericaism

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Y’all know that meme that’s going around where they talk about how black folks are when they go into somebody’s house, they ask who gonna be there? Who coming over who cooking the food? We always got questions, don’t we listen well. Life is the same way. 


When you are moving forward, you’re asking God questions about how fast you’ll get there and who will help you and what you’re going to do and what will be supplied. And it’s challenging sometimes because most times God don’t give you a point by point rundown. You just have to trust him and know that he will be with you, and that’s where I rest. Knowing that Jesus will be with me, that even if I don’t have all the answers he does, and so when his word says he’ll never leave me nor forsake me, I’ve got to trust that when it says I am with you always to the end of the world that I’ve got to trust that he’s with me. 

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Listen, I get it sometimes it don’t feel like it, Lord Jesus, you hear you will. This happened sometimes life still happens, right? We’re not robots. God doesn’t have a program for your life and go press four or five buttons and everything falls into place. And no, we have choices and people make choices, and sometimes things go according to the plan, and sometimes they do not. But I’m still not moving without Jesus, I’m not moving outside of Jesus. 



People ask me so many times. Like, would you ever do R&B or do something else? I’m like, I’m not going nowhere without Jesus. If Jesus brought me here, if Jesus has allowed me to be blessed in this season of my life, this. OK then this I’m working with Jesus. What you’ve seen me accomplish and achieve is because I kept Jesus in the center. Did I always get it right? But I kept Jesus in the center, and for that I am grateful. 


So my message is go with God, keep God in the center, don’t let anything or anybody stop you from focusing on him and his goodness. He is faithful, I promise you, even if it takes a while, even if you don’t get there the day you want or the way. 


You want. You’ll get there. 

Trust God. 

Stick with God. 

Everything will be alright. 


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