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The R’s of Creativity | Mr. Griffin

Mr. Griffin

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For today’s Mr. Griffin, GRIFF opens up about the R’s of creativity…

This message is for the creatives. For the people who don’t think like everybody else. For the people who got a whole circle inside of a box. I love us so much. And if you’re not a creative, maybe you could take some away from this as well. But to all creatives, it’s three. Ours. I believe we should concentrate on  


#1 rest 

You gotta rest better y’all our minds. They be just going, going, going, going, going, go. And then you got it. I don’t know about y’all, but for me, I’d be like come Griff you gotta go to sleep. You can get about 2 hours & 30 minutes right now if you just go to sleep, you can stop thinking about it. It’ll be more thoughts tomorrow and you got we need must rest. 

God did not give us these gifts so we could be stressed out and tired and fatigued and not sleeping and lacking and insomnia. Like that is that is, that is not the goal. That is not what I do it for. Rest the second one. Don’t rush. It’s going to be there. Whatever God gifted you with, it doesn’t go away if you are an author when you are not, when you’re 9. You’re an author when you 79. That’s that’s important to always remember that gift that God has for you does not go away. It’s yours. So you don’t have to rush. You don’t have to hurry. You don’t have to get in the bad business deals. You don’t have to get a bad contract. You don’t have to chase bread. Don’t chase bread. It’ll come to you. It’ll come to you the first time. You say no to money is the first time you gonna get some more money later. Watch quote me and the last one. The other was rest and don’t rush and the last one is remember. 

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Remember what you already did. Remember how you planned? Remember how you dreamed about this? You know why I count how many days I’ve been doing comedy and today is. 28 years, three months and five days. It’s because I remember wanting to be this. Since I was a little kid. And I’m living my dream. I’m not kinda. I’m not. 


I’m living my dream. I’m going to award shows. I’m traveling. I’m going to other continents. Doing what I love. I’m living my dream. Remember this? Remember how hard you worked, remember and reflect. And then there’s another or reflect. But then get you some rest because it’s going to. Be here tomorrow. 


You ain’t gotta do everything in one day. This ain’t Rome wasn’t built in one day. And neither was Decatur or Los Angeles or San Jose. Like nothing. Pick your city wherever you from, say it wasn’t built in one day. Get you some rest. Remember how blessed you are. And then recover. Get your recovery. Go hard, hard. Hard your recovery time. Don’t be 30 hours no more. Your recovery times sometimes be 3 full days, so get your rest on. 


That’s mine’s message to all the creatives and non creatives as well. That’s why Mr. Griffin for he day. 








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