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Use Your Village | Ericaism

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Some people don’t allow their sisters, their siblings, their cousins, their friends to be a part of their village when it comes to raising their children. I don’t care how good of a parent you are, they’re going to be some things that you may miss or may not understand. You better allow the people that to love on you to love on your child. And to sometimes correct and love them and it reinforce the messages that you are saying to them. 

I don’t know why kids won’t hear their parents. They just don’t don’t mean you’re not a bad parent, that you’re a bad parent. And I just think some happen in their brain. So you need other people around. You know best for you. Sometimes it’s people at your church. I don’t know what your community is like. Maybe you don’t have a lot of sisters like I do, but I’m sure there’s someone, a cousin or a friend. You know, and this is not just to ladies, it’s some guys too out there that are good and nurturing and loving and will definitely speak life into your children. 

If you’re doing it all by yourself. Take advantage of the people that are around you. Don’t walk in fear. Allow people to love on you and love on your children. And encourage you’re not in this by yourself, so don’t treat it that way. Take advantage of the beautiful people around you. 



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